Marketing and Sales Programs

Our marketing and sales programs invite German travellers to see and experience Canada in a whole new way. Whether we launch an integrated marketing campaign, attend ITB Berlin or bring media and destination partners together to exchange stories, our initiatives target three major audiences:

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Germany’s 2014 consumer direct strategy is focused on integrated advertising campaigns over various media channels (such as print, online, SEO and social media) in partnerships with key provincial/territorial, city and small/medium-size tourism enterprises. Campaigns target Germany’s priority Explorer Quotient®(EQ) segments—Free Spirits and Authentic Experiencers—who pose the best potential for conversion.

Our consumer direct strategy aligns with our travel trade and PR/media relations channels to optimize our influence across the various stages of the path to purchase. This strategy utilizes the latest research findings such as Global Tourism Watch and CTC’s 2012 conversion study. Insights from both CTC in-market teams and key industry partners aid media and channel planning to ensure we optimize our conversion prospects.

Following the heavyweight, partnered campaign in spring, a CTC-only campaign will run from the end of October to mid December to maintain Canada’s profile in-market during the early bookings period. This campaign will use digital as the main platform, harnessing a variety of environments. Online video content will include the Canada Shared creative to inspire and raise awareness. Dynamic, online display and content will drive response, and the consumer website will focus on Canadian Signature Experiences (CSE) and trip ideas. Social-media cultivation will bring additional traffic through Facebook and other social networks. The campaign will be supported by a range of tactical call to actions, provided by selected key account tour operators, to provide the consumer with a clear route to purchase. These campaign packages will also be communicated to the German consumer e-mail database via a focused email blast.

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In Germany, trade development focuses on the retail and wholesale aspects of selling travel. On the retail side, the in-market team conducts sales calls, works co-op programs with key accounts, attends trade shows, organizes tour operator and partner familiarization (FAM) trips and conducts training and promotions through the Canada Specialist Program (CSP). Special attention is given to the CTC’s Canadian Signature Experiences(CSE) program.

Canada Specialist Program
The Canada Specialist Program, our certified web-based training program, helps German travel professionals learn about Canada’s distinct experiences. Participating travel agents are offered a range of information and support, including:

  • Regular e-newsletterswith updates and/or raffles as incentives
  • Familiarization (FAM) trips: to Yukon (June 8-15), on the Rocky Mountaineer from Vancouver to Jasper(June 21-27) and to Newfoundland and Labrador (July 23-31)
  • Exclusive travel agent rates for Canadian partners at hotels, airlines and attractions
  • Regular news and events releases on the CSP website
  • CSP Facebook site as a communication platform
  • Publication of contact details onthe CTC-Germany consumer website
  • CSP one-day workshop session with Canadian and/or in-market partners (Nov. 7 in Frankfurt)
  • Seminars of Canadian partners on sales calls upon request
  • NEW: CSP webinars.

CTC-Germany also collaborates with tour operators to develop innovative marketing programs and creative promotions to extend and complement the advertising campaigns. These promotions reflect the CTC brand in terms of images and messages, with special attention given to the CTC’s Canadian Signature Experiences program.All activities are carefully measured to identify the ROI. In 2014, we implemented a key account competition for the best CSE marketing campaign. Dertour, CANUSA, America Unlimited and CRD won for their concepts, and were awarded during the ITB Embassy event in March

Trade shows

For details on these events and more, check out our Trade Shows & Events

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CTC-Germany assists the media with partnered press trips and media events, and by hosting individual and TVmedia visits to extraordinary Canadian destinations. Our strategy is to gain visibility in the German media by staging partnered media events across Canada and pitching relevant and targeted story ideas to media influencers. In 2014, we organize EQ-targeted group press trips featuring various Canadian Signature Experiences members as well as the Canadian cuisines and lifestyles that highlight Canada's five Unique Selling Propositions. Four media also attended Rendez-vous Canada in Vancouver in May and nine media will attend GoMedia Canada Marketplace in Winnipeg, MB, in August. CTC-Germany will also support up to 15 individual media visits (including blogger trips) upon request.

Group 2014 press trips include:

Feb. 8-14:  Ski the Canadian Rockies (Alberta)

July 4-9:  Créativité et Savoir Vivre Québécoise (Quebec)

Jun. 29-July 6: Yukon Ride & Raft (Yukon)

Aug. 26–Sept. 1:  First Nations of Ontario (Ontario)

Oct. 9–16: Indian Summer & Celtic Colours Festival (Nova Scotia)

CTC-Germany also supported three visits by German TV companies this year: ZDF to Quebec and Ontario, ZDF to British Columbia and a production company for the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada.

German media website and newsletter

CTC-Germany’s German media website offers a wide variety of story ideas, press releases, itineraries, celebrity spots and news from across Canada. In 2014, we are publishing 12 story ideas from CTC’s main Media Centre as well as 52 news items and 12 press releases. We post media news on the exclusive Facebook group Canada Media and we tweet regular media news on CTC-Germany’s Twitter channel. Last but not least, we send out a bimonthly media newsletter to media subscribers.

Canada Tumblr Page

The CTC is increasingly being asked to repost media articles on our social network channels. In addition, there are many German travel bloggers who temporarily cover Canada, as well as a few who cover Canada exclusively, offering high-quality, entertaining and in-depth content. With this in mind, we are creating a Canada Tumblr page that automatically features the content of two exclusive German Canada bloggers, and CTC will repost media articles resulting from press trips. The page will also include a blog-roll featuring Canada-based Canada bloggers plus video and banner advertising spaces for partners.

GoMedia Canada Marketplace

CTC-Germany has invited nine German media to CTC's GoMedia Canada Marketplace in Winnipeg, MB, Aug. 17-21,where Canadian travel operators will exchange stories and ideas with international media. GoMedia is held annually in Canada and is hosted by a different destination each year.

Media events

Just prior to World Travel Market, CTC-Germany will once again host three media events Oct. 28-30 in Hamburg, Berlin and Munich. The gala dinner meal will be inspired by Canada’s eastern, central, western and northern regions. These events will enable up to 20 Canadian partners to mingle with over 100 journalists to help them generate their 2015 media leads. The goal of this gourmet trip across the country is to bring Canada closer to the audience in an intense and emotional way. Twelve partners have already signed up for 2014 media events.

Inbound travel to Canada from Germany
  2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012
Overnight trip to Canada (000's) 298.6 315.4 291.7 315.6 290.3 276.6
Year to year change 0.3% 5.6% -7.5% 8.2%* -8.0% -4.7%
Receipts ($M) 421.6 466.2 445.0 476.3 450 416.6
Year to year change 3.5% 10.6% -4.6% 7.0% -5.5% -7.4%
Source: International Travel Survey, Statistics Canada.

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  • As Europe’s largest economy and exporter, the subdued economic environment caught up with Germany in 2012, with GDP growth slowing to 0.7% after a 3.1% expansion in 2011. Despite the lowest unemployment among major economies in Europe (6.8%), outbound travel declined 0.3% in 2012, with Germans travellers staying closer to home.(Source: Tourism Economics– Tourism Decision Metrics)
  • In 2012, overnight trips from Germany fell 4.7%, dropping to 276,600. While arrivals were up 10.1% in Q1, they subsequently declined in Q2 (-10.1%), Q3 (-3.6%) and Q4 (-8.2%) compared with the same quarters in 2011.
  • ·While the number of travellers visiting friends and relatives expanded 16.9%, business and pleasure travel saw significant declines of 17.9% and 16.6% respectively.
  • Spending by overnight German travellers fell 7.4% in 2012 to $417 million, as visitors spent less per trip (-2.8% to $1,506) and stayed for a shorter period of time (-0.9% to 17.4 days).
  • ·Unique to the German market, the third most popular tourism related activity (after shopping and sightseeing) was visiting national or provincial nature parks.

German tourists tend to see more of Canada, visiting 1.41 provinces on average. Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta were the most popular destinations

Source: Statistics Canada, International Travel Survey, unless otherwise indicated.

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The German economy continues to be the powerhouse within the European Union. It is one of the few countries in the Eurozone that still registers economic growth and a low unemployment rate (currently 6.8%). Forecast for 2014 is GDP to increase by almost 2%.

Travel to Canada showed healthy increases during the first months of the year. The tour operator outlook for the upcoming summer season is positive—we forecast an overall growth of 2% in terms of German visitors to Canada this year, thanks in large part to the currently favourable exchange rate.

Germans are increasingly looking to get away from it all and to create new experiences. The focus is not so much on “where to go” but “what to do” when it comes to vacation planning. There is a trend towards more but shorter vacation trips, e.g. city breaks. The overall outlook for the 2014 summer season is positive, given the positive economic environment and the fact that most consumers are no longer worried about losing their jobs.

Personal wellbeing in an authentic environment is paramount for many German travellers.Hiking continues to be their most popular activity. The “power of places and people” is gaining importance. Destinations with friendly people who welcome foreign visitors are expected to have competitive advantages in the future.

Similar to reports from other European markets, Canada is considered a top "dream destination" among German travellers, but there remains no urgency to visit in the short term. Canada is also perceived as offering vast wilderness and nature but lacking the cultural excitement and comforts of other destinations.

CTC-Germany showcases Canada’s rich cultural attractions, unique character and its exhilarating—and often unexpected—adventures found year-round to entice German travellers to visit now.

Guided by the CTC corporate strategy, the German strategy focuses on high-yield travellers—consumers who spend more, stay longer and are less influenced by exchange-rate fluctuations and market pressures.

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Business Events Canada

For information on our Business Events Canada activities, go to the BEC Markets section of the corporate website.

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