CTC News

27 January 2015
Sixth consecutive month of double-digit growth from CTC’s overseas markets was offset by slowdown in US visitors, according to... Read more
15 January 2015
CTC and partners bring top Brazilian athletes and media to discover 2015 Toronto Pan Am Games host city and province. Read more
8 January 2015
Utah entices winter-sports fans, Brazil relives happy memories of the 2014 FIFA World Cup while Croatia seeks year-round popularity. Read more
5 January 2015
CTC’s overseas markets drove upward momentum with a fifth consecutive month of double-digit growth in visitors to Canada, says... Read more
31 December 2014
German journalists broke new ground with a First Nations-themed trip, Alberta got an A grade from French scribes while BC was the bee... Read more
18 December 2014
The sky was the limit for KLM in Canada, while Minnesota turned to Instagram and Athens showed off its modern side. Read more
17 December 2014
Author Leonard Brody and comedian Jessica Holmes show off Canada’s intellectual business clout to American audiences. Read more
11 December 2014
New agreement will lead to stronger co-operation and exchange of tourism marketing intelligence. Read more