CTC News

10 April 2014
Spending on trips abroad has almost doubled since 2005, says CTC’s latest Global Tourism Watch report. Read more
9 April 2014
Business Events Canada team and partners were prime movers at meetings and association events in the US. Read more
3 April 2014
The China market topped the overseas charts for the first time as the new travel year got underway, reports new CTC Tourism Snapsho... Read more
2 April 2014
Top journalism from broadcast, online, visual and written media celebrated at CTC luncheon in San Francisco. Read more
27 March 2014
It’s open house in Brazil, the Canary Islands show off their hidden assets, while Greece unveils a new consumer website. Read more
26 March 2014
CTC and partners prove a main attraction at giant travel-trade show in Germany. Read more
20 March 2014
Recovery after the global recession helped boost tourism from the world’s largest economy, according to CTC’s latest Global Tourism... Read more
19 March 2014
CTC’s Focus Canada-India Marketplace educated and inspired Indian travel agents to sell Canada. Read more