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31 July 2014
Canada’s global appeal continued to grow, with international visitor numbers climbing 5%, says new CTC Tourism Snapshot report. Read more
30 July 2014
WestJet played an emotional trump card for Father’s Day, Whistler gets inspired by the wonders of nature and Peterborough goes... Read more
24 July 2014
CTC president and CEO (interim) discussed the latest trends affecting the Canadian tourism industry and the link between tourism and... Read more
23 July 2014
Brazil goes global with soccer and samba, Australia shows off its wild side and Florida hits the beach. Read more
17 July 2014
CTC and partners bring influential European blogger to Canada to share his stories—and learn the guitar. Read more
9 July 2014
Spring was sprung, bringing more global media influencers to Canada to share their stories to millions of readers. Read more
30 June 2014
The late Easter provided a huge surge in visitor numbers to Canada, according to latest CTC Tourism Snapshot. Read more
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26 June 2014
Google Street View offers a wild look at Manitoba, WestJet gets appy while Quebec and Vancouver deliver compelling new videos. Read more