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The CTC is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, and maintains offices in China, Japan and the UK. The CTC also employs General Sales Agents around the world. Business contacts and tourism partners can contact us at the locations provided below.

For enquiries relating to personal travel plans to Canada, please go to our consumer website.

Contact the Canadian Tourism Commission


Canadian Tourism Commission (CTC)
Suite 1400, Four Bentall Centre
1055 Dunsmuir Street
Box 49230
Vancouver, BC V7X 1L2

Tel: 604-638-8300

CTC offices & contacts: Americas, Asia, Europe

  • Australia

    DC & Associates Worldwide
    Sydney, Australia
    Tel: 61-2-9819-7632
    Fax: 61-2-9819-7537

    donna [at] dcaworldwide [dot] com (Donna Campbell)
    Managing Director

  • Brazil

    General Sales Agent
    Rua Padre Camilo, nº 68
    Vila Pirajussara
    São Paulo - SP
    Tel: 55-11-2861-8298

    Contact: ctcbrazil_pr [at] vertebratta [dot] com (Sheila Nassar)

    chretien [dot] siobhan [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Siobhan Chretien)
    CTC Regional Managing Director, Emerging Markets, Americas / Asia
    Tel: 604-638-8392

  • China

    Canadian Tourism Commission
    Suite 2418, South Tower, Kerry Centre
    1 Guanghua Lu, Chao Yang District
    Beijing 100020
    Fax: 8610-8529-6918

    galpin [dot] derek [at] ctc-cct [dot] cn (Derek Galpin)
    Managing Director, China
    Tel: 8610-8529-9066 ext 33

  • France

    General Sales Agent
    Tourisme Synergique
    201, rue Saint Honoré
    75001 Paris
    Fax : 33-1-47-03-63-68

    sandra [dot] teakle [at] tourisme-synergique [dot] com (Sandra Teakle), Managing Director
    Tel: 33-1-47-03-63-61

    daniel [dot] arnatsiaq [at] tourisme-synergique [dot] com (Daniel Arnatsiaq) , Manager Industry Relations
    Tel: 33-1-47-03-63-62

    vanessa [dot] gomez [at] tourisme-synergique [dot] com (Vanessa Gomez), Marketing Manager
    Tel: 33-1-47-03-63-63

  • Germany

    General Sales Agent
    Travel Marketing Romberg TMR GmbH
    Mettmann (near Düsseldorf)
    Tel: 49-2104-28-66-72
    Fax: 49-2104-91-26-73
    E-mail: info [at] travelmarketing [dot] de

    g [dot] romberg [at] travelmarketing [dot] de (Gabi Romberg), owner
    kh [dot] limberg [at] travelmarketing [dot] de (Karl-Heinz Limberg), Account Director CTC
    b [dot] ackermann [at] travelmarketing [dot] de (Barbara Ackermann), PR & Media Director
    n [dot] brauckmann [at] travelmarketing [dot] de (Nina Brauckmann), Account Manager Travel Trade

  • India

    General Sales Agent: representative in India
    Buzz Limited
    Delhi office
    72 Todarmal Road,
    New Delhi - 110001, India
    Tel: +91-11-4166-9477

    sanjeet [at] sanjeet [dot] in (SanJeet)
    India representative

    tina [at] buzzindia [dot] in (Tina Singh)
    Account Director

    madhvi [at] buzzindia [dot] in (Madhvi Awasthi)
    General manager, Media

    sonia [at] buzzindia [dot] in (Sonia Prakash)
    Senior Sales Manager

    Mumbai office
    504 Marine Lines
    Mumbai - 400 020, India
    Tel: 91-22-2200-0261

    Ruden [at] buzzindia [dot] in (RudenDias)
    Senior Sales Manager

    Nida [at] buzzindia [dot] in (Nida Kapadia)
    Sales Manager

    chretien [dot] siobhan [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Siobhan Chretien)
    Regional Managing Director, Emerging Markets, Americas / Asia
    Tel: 604-638-8392


  • Japan

    Canadian Tourism Commission
    6th Floor, Livest Aoyama Building,
    2-6-4 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku,
    Tokyo, 150-0002, Japan
    Tel: 81-3-5774-9600
    Fax: 81-3-5774-9601

    chretien [dot] siobhan [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Siobhan Chretien)
    Regional Managing Director, Emerging Markets, Americas / Asia
    Tel: 604-638-8392

    riley [dot] maureen [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Maureen Riley)
    General Manager, Japan
    Tel: 81-3-5774-9602

    hando [dot] masayo [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Masayo Hando)
    Manager, Media and Public Relations
    Tel: 81-3-5774-9604

  • Mexico

    General Sales Agent: representative in Mexico
    Travel Studio Comunicaciones,
    Francisco Javier Mina,
    59 Col. Del Carmen,
    Coyoacán, México City, Mexico
    Tel: 52-55-5514-4849

    Jorge Morfín Stoopen
    jorge [dot] morfin [at] travelstudio [dot] mx (Managing Partner)

    chretien [dot] siobhan [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Siobhan Chretien)
    Regional Managing Director, Emerging Markets, Americas / Asia
    Tel: 604-638-8392

  • South Korea

    General Sales Agent: representative in South Korea
    AL Marketing & Communications,
    #1812, Gwanghwamun Official Building,
    92, Saemunan-ro,
    Jongro-gu, Seoul, South Korea
    Tel: 822-733-7790

    lee [dot] anna [at] almc [dot] co [dot] kr (Anna Lee)
    Account Director

    lee [dot] stella [at] almc [dot] co [dot] kr (Stella Lee)
    Trade Director

    chretien [dot] siobhan [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Siobhan Chretien)
    Regional Managing Director, Emerging Markets, Americas / Asia
    Tel: 604-638-8392

United Kingdom

Travellers! For information on personal trips to Canada, please contact visitcanada [at] dial [dot] pipex [dot] com (Visit Canada) or one of our Canada Specialists Tel: 44-870-380- 0070 . CTC is a marketing organization and does not advise on personal trips.


  • Regional Office
    15 Bermondsey Square
    London SE1 3UN
    United Kingdom
    Tel: 44-207-389-9987
    Fax: 44-207-389-9988

    peters [dot] rupert [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Rupert Peters)
    Vice-president International (interim)

    hanmer [dot] adam [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Adam Hanmer)
    Manager, Travel Trade

    singh [dot] nim [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Nim Singh)
    Manager, Media & Public Relations

    salt [dot] cat [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Catherine Salt)
    Marketing Specialist , Core Markets

  • UK Meetings, Conventions and Incentive Travel (MC&IT)

    emma [at] axistravelmarketing [dot] com (Emma Cashmore (GSA))
    Managing Director
    Axis Travel Marketing Ltd.
    Raworth House
    36 Sydenham Road
    Croydon, Surrey CR0 2EE
    United Kingdom

    Tel: 44-208-686-2300


United States

  • US Meetings, Conventions and Incentive Travel (MC&IT)

    saran [dot] michele [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Michele Saran)
    Executive Director, Business Events Canada
    Tel: 604-638-8391

    zerebeski [dot] cassandra [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Cassandra Zerebeski)
    Director of Sales, Business Events Canada
    Tel: 604-638-5506

  • Chicago, IL

    kuranda [dot] melanie [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Melanie Kuranda)
    Director, Midwest MC&IT Sales Development
    706 S, Maple Avenue, 1-S
    Oak Park, IL 60304, USA
    Tel: 708-524-4905

  • Dallas, TX

    galloway [dot] sandi [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Sandi Galloway)
    Director, Southwest MC&IT Sales Development
    3017 Hidden Springs Drive
    Corinth, Texas 76210 USA
    Tel: 940-321-3458

  • Detroit, MI

    phelps [dot] heather [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Heather Phelps)
    Director, International MC&IT Partnerships
    49501 Heath Place Court
    New Baltimore, MI 48047 USA
    Tel: 586-598-7010
    Fax: 586-598-7124

  • San Francisco, CA

    thompson [dot] robin [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Robin Thompson)
    Director, Northwest MC&IT Sales Development
    2269 Chestnut Street, Suite 627
    San Francisco, CA 94123 USA
    Tel: 415-388-3022
    Fax: 415-388-3018

  • Washington, DC

    foisy [dot] danielle [at] ctc-cct [dot] ca (Danielle Foisy)
    Director, Northeast MC&IT Sales Development
    6005 Archstone Way, #201
    Alexandria, VA 22310 USA
    Tel: 703-347-7304
    Fax: 703-347-7384


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